26 June 2014

After America advances, Spotify plays the FIFA theme song…well played @spotify

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19 June 2014
cc @huffingtonpost Great post on advice from entrepreneurs. I’m number 15. Tried to keep it as real as possible but they had cut some pieces off in the interest of space. See the full text below: 
1) If you’re business doesn’t make money, you have a hobby, not a business. Revenue/traction make everything easier.
2) If you build it, they will not come. You have to confirm your distribution pipeline before your product is finished or you will have a major struggle to get users/traction/funding. This means you should get out of the building and find/talk to customers before/while your product is being developed.
3) The 50/50 equity split is the easy way out. Project what work each of your team members will do and allocate equity based on their value now and as the company grows.
4) Fail fast. If things aren’t working, make sure you tried everything then either pivot or get out. Nothing is more draining than a sinking startup. 
5) Starting any company is an emotional roller coaster. Discuss this with your friends/spouses/significant others and make sure you have their support. Surround yourself with folks who will lift you up but are not afraid to give you real criticism on your ideas/execution.
Bonus: Know which feedback to take and which to discard. When you implement someone’s feedback, circle back with them to tell them how it went. They will appreciate it. The corollary is to seek mentors not just for the name/status/brand recognition but mentors that have specific domain experience or recently went down the path you’re going down and were successful.
About my company:
Rose Digital is a technology consulting firm focused on building mobile and desktop applications for enterprise and small business clients. You can find out more or get an app built at http://evanmrose.co/consulting
17 June 2014

An interesting concept around creating vertical specific innovation hubs wherein the government deregulates around a certain innovation. I wonder how this would work in practice. Seems like you’d need either a massive amount of money or support from so many parties as to make it unrealistic. I’d love to see this happen in some up and coming cities…

15 June 2014

He did that! #nellyvoice so excited to step into the next chapter of my life with @jaswood #allmine (at Salon De Ning - Rooftop Bar at the Peninsula Hotel)

13 June 2014

If you needed another example of why @elonmusk is the man. 

5 June 2014

Fly my pretties, FLY!!!!!

3 June 2014

Very cool @etsy initiative!

2 June 2014

So it looks like I’ll be learning Swift and building native iPhone apps this year. These are exciting times in the land.

23 May 2014


Roxy Banik, on how NYC Generation Tech inspired her to pursue further study in computer science and design: 

"At the Game Jam, my mentor told me that my skills are important because every product needs a design…I got to see firsthand how my skills are applicable, helping me find a new way to apply my passion for design."

Read more about Roxy’s experience developing a fully functional mobile game » (she’s only in high school!) 

Gen Tech for the win!

15 May 2014


i’m starting a collection

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